Wednesday, March 14, 2012

american girl doll girl scout cookie boxes!

I discovered this a while ago, but it is super cute and I thought I'd show it to all of you. This is a semi doll DIY, since I'm only giving you part of the instructions. To make American girl doll sized girl scout cookie boxes go to and copy paste the images into a word document. make them the right size and print them out. Glue the box together, but leave the top open. Stuff half of a tissue into the box and glue the top closed. There, now you have a beautiful girl scout cookie box for your doll. After I finished all of my cookie boxes I set up a doll cookie booth. Here are some pictures.

the booth 

 Andrea and Nadia

 Mia with the sign

 the cookies

I hope you enjoyed my post!

AZ girl

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