Saturday, December 31, 2011

HI! My first post!

So, as you all know I'm Amika, AZ girl's 6th doll. Please comment on this post if you read it cause she can"t change the name of her blog and no one is commenting except vkpixie. I know Gracie can't right now, so please comment on this so we know that we can change the name! WOW that was a long sentence, anyway today me and all of my new sisters hung out outside. We jump roped, we played four square, we even washed mom's car to cool music on my stereo! It's really exciting because my birthday is in 3 and a half more days (Jan. 3rd) and I'm also having a birthday party! It might be a sleepover! I can't stand it! I think that about wraps up what I wanted to say so.................................. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

help please!

Does any follower here know how to add tabs to a blog? I have been trying to add them ever since I made this blog. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I'M REALLY ANGRY RIGHT NOW! Also please comment on the post I think 2 down, cause if you don't then I can't change the name of my blog. So please comment on this blog or that one thanks!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pictures of Amika!!!!!

Amika stretching

warming up

taking a break (sorry couldn't take a pic of her actually dancing)

Amika packing up and saying goodbye to her new dance friends.

 Okay so if you haven't read the post below this please do (it contains top secret information about this blog) Anyway, love and kitty cats,

AZ girl


OMG OMG OMG, I got something very very very special something today. That very special thing was.................................................... AMIKA! My mom missed the free shipping so we were going to wait for my birthday to get her and then split the shipping, but Santa gave her to me! Ha ha vkpixie, Santa did come through for us! She has medium length dark brown hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. I'll post the pics soon, but I have to have my mom help me load them to this computer, I have no idea how to work this complicated desktop. I usually post from the laptop. Anyway, I also got some dance outfits for Amika (she's a dancer)  and a cool designer purse for her too!  I just finished setting up her room and I'll have to post pics of that too. Finally I'm getting to the point here! This blog will now be called 6 dolls and counting since I now have 6 dolls. I will leave this post up for a few days so that nobody misses out on anything, so lets say I'll change it by Thursday December 29 and if it's not changed by then, then that probably means I can't figure out how to change it. Ta-ta for now

                                                                                          AZ girl

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Okay so I probably won't be posting tomorrow because of course it's Christmas! I finished all of the wrapping for my dolls finally and I can't wait for them to open them! I might post some of the things I got tomorrow just to tell you all but that's probably it. Also thank you to my brand NEW follower! YAY! I also got a fireplace built in my dolls house! It is really awesome and my dolls finally have a place to put Santa's cookies. Comment on this tomorrow (if you are on) and share what some of your presents were that you got. Thank you all! Merry Christmas (kinda, almost)

                                                                                                     AZ girl

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ok confused

 Is there something wrong with my computer? It says I only have 3 followers and that Chloe and vkpixie aren't following anymore. :( anyway, sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I've been busy wrapping my girl's presents and helping them wrap there's for each other and of course school. So here's an update. Today we all went caroling in the local neighborhoods (my dolls) and it was really fun. They all got there presents under the tree and they all can't wait. I really can't wait either! ughhh 4 more days. Kanani is fine, so is Lanie, so is Mia, and so is Felicity. Andrea is sick and is NOT feeling fine at all. Poor her :( all of her sisters made her "get well" cards and she says that her headache has decreased so maybe she'll be better by Christmas (hopefully). So I think nothing else has really happened so ummmmm what should I do?  I really want to get a hearts for hearts girl, but I also want 2 other AG dolls. GRRRR!

                                                                                AZ girl ( not enough $)

Monday, December 19, 2011


Coolio! I just got 7 followers! Ya ya! Thanks Chabel! Yay! Thank you to all of my amazing followers!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lanie speaks! (again)

So I know already blogged today, but I have some important news! I might get my own blog! I asked my mom and she thought it was a great idea, but don't get your hopes up she changes her mind a lot!  The blog would be about nature and how to go green and stuff! I'm thinking of a really good name that isn't already taken, but there are a lot already taken. Ugghhh. Any ideas?


Lanie speaks!

Hello everyone, sorry none of us dolls have been posting lately, I'm here to fill you in. Everyone is fine and nothing really happened the only thing that is actually happening right now is WE'RE GOING CAMPING! Ya ya! I really love camping if you didn't catch that. I planned all of it. I'm actually supposed to be packing right now, but I was so excited I already finished. Anyway enough about this whole camping thing I'll talk about my class's field trip yesterday! We went to TopFin aquariums and it was pretty cool. They had a whole big tank with goldfish and a snail in it, and they even had a pool were you could pet some stingrays. I guess we got there at the right time 'cause we even got to feed the stingrays! It was really cool having a stingray suck food right out of your hand! Well I hope mom posts pics of that field trip. The last thing is my mom finally fixed m hair. It looked terrible before but now it looks amazing, and so does Kanani's. Ahhhhhh life is good.



Wednesday, December 14, 2011


hey guys I lost 3 followers. Thank you  the two who stayed. Why would they leave? I'm doing this post so that you still followers can tell me what I should do better. Thanks.

   p.s. I got the fish and his name is Squishy

Monday, December 12, 2011


 okay, so I now have 5 followers, if there is anything you can do to make this blog more popular, please do it! Whether it's sharing it on your blog or telling your AG friends do it. Once I get to 10 followers I'll have my first givaway contest. I'll be checking each day to make sure if there are any more followers. Okay so now that that's established I'll talk to you about the fishy part! Tomorrow I might get a fishy! I've narrowed it down to three names, Mr.Fishy, Sushi, and Aqua? What do you think?

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Plastic fish in clear soap

purple coin purse

sock snowman

Felicity and Andrea modeling the new items

more modeling!

 Thank you!

Doll blues and doll remorse

Ughhhhh! I can NOT decide what to do with all of my money! I might get a new doll for Christmas but my mom wants to wait untill there is free shiping and I still want to buy another doll with my money, but I don't have enough space for a room for her. I might be able to make one set of bunk beds, but I don't want to have 7 dolls to take care of and I would feel super duper bad if I sold one of my dolls. I have a lot of money right now, but I can't find any cute wooden bunk beds that won't spend all of my money because of shipping. GRRRR! Gracie and vkpixie you have no idea how lucky you are to have only 3 dolls! Sorry I just don't know how many dolls each of you has. Any advice for this torn blogger? Please comment


Saturday, December 10, 2011


 There were donuts and hot cocoa and ornaments and pet treats and scarfs and snowmen hats and UHHHHHH I can't breathe hang on a second. whhew thanks I did end up getting a lot of stuff, so here is the list I can use for AG dolls.

              1. a little purple crocheted coin purse ( a purse for well none of them yet)
              2. a cute (really cute) sock snow man! ( I always get one every year and use them as snowmen for my dolls)
              3. and the last thing is a mini green fish that is in a bunch of clear soap! ( I know it sounds weird but bear with me for a minute) I just took a small plastic container and put the soap in it so it looks like a fish tank with a fish swimming in it!

                              thats about all I could use for them. Well pics to come bye!


Nobody did the little poll I did a few posts ago :-(. if you see this soon please do it. Thanks, also here are the Christmas pictures that we got taken by a real photographer!

p.s. Mia is in a sleigh here

Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Bazaar!

This weekend I have my girl scout holiday bazaar! My friend and I will be on the hunt for cute things we could use for our AG dolls. I hope there is some stuff to use to them! We always find at least one thing each year!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

My clean AG rooms and Christmas tree pics!!!! ( beware, this is really really long)

the right side

Andrea's room

Andrea's desk (she likes Hello Kitty & pink) 

Lanie's room

Lanie's dresser

Felicity's room

Felicity's well room

Mia's dresser (sorry shirt in there)

Mia's bed

Kanani's bed

Kanani's room

Kanani's desk

My soon to be doll Amika's room

Amika's desk

Living room (tiny nativity scene on entertainment center

library & bunny

Christmas tree


table & trash can


backyard (Lanie really wants a garden (hint hint) she had one at the old house)

Ginger bread house!

told you it was long! ttyl

AZ girl

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Doll rooms!

Yay! My doll rooms are finally finished! All clean and ready! As you all know Christmas is coming up so on this post I'm doing my first tag! Be nice I'm terrible at this whole blogging thing.

                            CHRISTMAS WISHES *TAG*

1. What is the best part of Christmas?
2. How do your dolls celebrate Christmas?
3. What is your favorite type of Christmas cookie?
4. What type of tree do your dollies have? (like paper or mini artificial tree or stuffed)
5. Do you put up Christmas decorations for your dolls?
6. What do you eat on Christmas eve night?
7. What do you eat on Christmas morning?
8. What are your family traditions for the holidays?
9. How many gifts are you giving to each of your dolls
10. What is at the top of your Christmas wish list?

 Here is mine..

1. The best part of Christmas is baking cookies with my mom. I love them.
2. My dolls celebrate Christmas by singing Christmas carols on Christmas eve night and then looking at Christmas lights ouit the car window with me as we drive by each neighborhood. Then they go home, sleep, and unwrap all of their presents.
3. My favorite Christmas cookie are Russian tea cakes ( I'm posting the recipe tomorrow or possibly today)
4. My dolls have a mini artificial tree ( Ijust got it on black friday)
5. I do put up Christmas decorations for my dolls, just the tree, a nativity scene, and some lights around my closet.
6. I eat lasagna on Christmas eve night (mmmm)
7. I usually eat cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.
8. My family traditions are looking at lights on Christmas eve.
9. Each of my dolls are getting 3 presents from me, but they will all get more clothes and accesories if I get some of what I want from my list.
10. The thing at the top of my list is Amika, a MAG doll. I'll post pics of my Christmas too! So ta-ta for now HAPPY DOLLIDAYS! 

I tag Chloe, vkpixie, Priya, and Emma so really everyone

Happy Dollidays!

 Happy Holiday's from your friend Felicity! This year I'm SO happy we got a real tree! Well not real real but well like a mini artificial tree. I am so happy I get to share my first real Christmas with my family this year! I was received on Christmas last year but that doesn't really count. On Christmas eve all of my sisters and I are going Christmas caroling! We're also having a school "jingle jog" to raise money for our school. I love volunteering around the holidays and I can't wait to go volunteer at the food bank down the street! Better go, but just real quick What is your favorite part of the holidays? Comment on this pleez! BYE!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy holidays!

As you all know I can't wait for Christmas and it's killing me to think there are 23 grueling days to go till Christmas, but here are some things to keep you busy until then.

1. make mini presents for your dolls! Try to find mini jewelry boxes and put either some ribbon or a small bow on top. Then put a mini present inside!

2. make mini presents! Depending on what your doll likes of course, but here are a few ideas. You could make any type of phone or semi flat technology items like ipods or ipads. Just print out the front and back of a (the device) and glue it on either side of a piece of cardboard then cut out the little divice! cute-tastic! For a necklace take a piece of ribbon then put some beads or charms on it. Again too cute! Finally the last idea is make your doll a one of a kind hair clip! take 3 pieces of elastic jewelry and string different colored beads on them but leave some space at the top. Then when you're all done clip them all on the barette. But be careful when you clip it in your dolls hair.

3.  make little "cookies and milk"! get the cap from an empty hairspray bottle and fill it with Elmer's glue or white acrylic paint. For cookies punch or cut out little shapes out of  brown craft foam. If you want you can color it with markers or with other craft foam.

                   Hope you enjoyed this little post, I'll post some pics and more ideas soon, bye

                                                  AZ girl

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My AG dolls are most popular!

Well the winner of the poll was My American girl dolls with 3 votes, Historical dolls had 1, and Girl of the year had 1! Well COOL! Bye!



Hey everybody, I can't belive it's December already! OMG it came soooo fast! Well mom actually got us a tree this year! It's so cute!( pic below) I'm still working on all of my presents for my sisters and it's harder than I thought. I'm trying to make them all cute hair accesories but it takes a really long time to just make 1! Oh well at least I still have 24 days to make them. I can't wait untill Christmas! I really want some more books and an ipad or ipod touch. Angry birds is so much fun to play!( I only get to play it on Andrea's ipad). anyway I also want some new clothes, I really don't have any clothes to start with anyway. I hope mom does get at least some clothes for Christmas because I despratley need clothes! Ta-ta for now


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The other part of Katia's birthday present!

    Dear Katia,
I know we havn't even met, yet I feel you are just like me.
You are crazy, funny, creative, and funky and everything I wish I could be.
I know you are far,
and I can't drive a car, but e-mail shall never fall through!
I wish I could give more,
 but no money is knocking at my door.
Sometimes words can be more than the value of money
So here you go, may your life be ALL sunny.

                                                                                                      KANANI AKINA

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nobody voted

:-( nobody has voted on he poll yet. If you want to vote you still have 5 days left so if you see this post in time please vote.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Felicity here!

Well aparently Mom still wants another child. I  mean we just got our own rooms and now she's buying bunk beds so that we can share again! Really mom! Aren't we enough! Even worse I may have to sare with Lanie and she has soccer games every weekend at 6:00. UGHHH! Anyway the house is a mess and we still don't have bean bags in the game room. The only good thing is I got a phone, an iphone 4s actually. That way Kanani, Andrea and I all have phones, she's working on getting the other two phones too. Ohh and another good thing, I got the lead in the school Christmas play AND I'm sitting in the front row at the Christmas concert (I play violin). Well I guess thats pretty much it, bye and Happy GOBBLE day


3rd doll DIY!

                                                 THANKSGIVING DINNER

                 1. For a turkey, take a plastic Easter egg and wrap brown playdough around it. After you've done that and smoothed it out carve wings and legs into it with a toothpick. There you have your turkey!
                 2. For stuffing, take a brown sheet of craft foam and use a hole puncher to punch out a lot of little foam circles. then place all of the foam circles in a cup or bowl. Stuffing, done!
                 3. For a baked potato, take small pom-pom balls and wrap them in a rectangle of tin foil. Place on a tray and, bon-appetite!
                 4. For some mashed potatos, take a small cupcake holder and pour Elmer's school glue in it so that the gue is just below the rim of the cup. Let dry (for a long time!) and then let your dolls eat!
                 5. For pie take acupcake holder and put four cotton balls in it. Then take micro beads and glue them on to the middle of the cotton balls. Then EAT!
                6. Let the girls enjoy their Thanksgiving meal!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you bloggers out there! My dolls are extremely excited because this will be Felicity's, Kanani's, Mia's, and Andrea's first Thanksgiving with our family. WOW! I didn't even realize that until today! Here's a picture the girls wanted me to post to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!(p.s. ignore the jack-o-lantern)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sorry I havn't posted in a while, anyway my AG rooms are almost finished and I'm having a giant toy sale this saturday to raise money for bunkbeds for them. If I do get enough money then Andrea and Mia will probablly share Mia's room. I already have $95.00 from pet-sitting for my neighbor's, well pets (1 dog, 2 cats, and 1 guini pig.) Sorry I don't know how to spell guini. Everyone has been busy actually, Lanie has a big soccer tournament she's training for, Andrea's taking a creative writing class, Felicity is having another softball game on Sunday, Mia has been skating every day latley, and Kanani is practicing on her paddle board. whew well better go put the girls to bed, see ya!


Monday, November 21, 2011

All of the dollies outside!

I still have more pictures I'll share with you tomorrow! Bye for now,


Sunday, November 20, 2011

My AG rooms (unfinished)

Four of their rooms (again unfinished)

Andrea's room (no posters wow)

pic 1 of L's room

pic 2 of L's room

Felicity's room (like no posters grr)

Game room (blurry sorry) and thats a fringe ru too!

The other rooms

pic1 of Mia's room

pic 2 of Mia's room

pic 1 of Kanani's room

pic 2 of her room

Thanks for looking! Pics to come of the girls outside in the beautiful grass! (I know a lot of places have snow but I don't) Anyway keep checking in to see if their here yet! bye!

AZ girl