Saturday, December 10, 2011


 There were donuts and hot cocoa and ornaments and pet treats and scarfs and snowmen hats and UHHHHHH I can't breathe hang on a second. whhew thanks I did end up getting a lot of stuff, so here is the list I can use for AG dolls.

              1. a little purple crocheted coin purse ( a purse for well none of them yet)
              2. a cute (really cute) sock snow man! ( I always get one every year and use them as snowmen for my dolls)
              3. and the last thing is a mini green fish that is in a bunch of clear soap! ( I know it sounds weird but bear with me for a minute) I just took a small plastic container and put the soap in it so it looks like a fish tank with a fish swimming in it!

                              thats about all I could use for them. Well pics to come bye!

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