Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lanie speaks!

Hello everyone, sorry none of us dolls have been posting lately, I'm here to fill you in. Everyone is fine and nothing really happened the only thing that is actually happening right now is WE'RE GOING CAMPING! Ya ya! I really love camping if you didn't catch that. I planned all of it. I'm actually supposed to be packing right now, but I was so excited I already finished. Anyway enough about this whole camping thing I'll talk about my class's field trip yesterday! We went to TopFin aquariums and it was pretty cool. They had a whole big tank with goldfish and a snail in it, and they even had a pool were you could pet some stingrays. I guess we got there at the right time 'cause we even got to feed the stingrays! It was really cool having a stingray suck food right out of your hand! Well I hope mom posts pics of that field trip. The last thing is my mom finally fixed m hair. It looked terrible before but now it looks amazing, and so does Kanani's. Ahhhhhh life is good.



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