Sunday, December 4, 2011

My clean AG rooms and Christmas tree pics!!!! ( beware, this is really really long)

the right side

Andrea's room

Andrea's desk (she likes Hello Kitty & pink) 

Lanie's room

Lanie's dresser

Felicity's room

Felicity's well room

Mia's dresser (sorry shirt in there)

Mia's bed

Kanani's bed

Kanani's room

Kanani's desk

My soon to be doll Amika's room

Amika's desk

Living room (tiny nativity scene on entertainment center

library & bunny

Christmas tree


table & trash can


backyard (Lanie really wants a garden (hint hint) she had one at the old house)

Ginger bread house!

told you it was long! ttyl

AZ girl

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