Thursday, November 24, 2011

3rd doll DIY!

                                                 THANKSGIVING DINNER

                 1. For a turkey, take a plastic Easter egg and wrap brown playdough around it. After you've done that and smoothed it out carve wings and legs into it with a toothpick. There you have your turkey!
                 2. For stuffing, take a brown sheet of craft foam and use a hole puncher to punch out a lot of little foam circles. then place all of the foam circles in a cup or bowl. Stuffing, done!
                 3. For a baked potato, take small pom-pom balls and wrap them in a rectangle of tin foil. Place on a tray and, bon-appetite!
                 4. For some mashed potatos, take a small cupcake holder and pour Elmer's school glue in it so that the gue is just below the rim of the cup. Let dry (for a long time!) and then let your dolls eat!
                 5. For pie take acupcake holder and put four cotton balls in it. Then take micro beads and glue them on to the middle of the cotton balls. Then EAT!
                6. Let the girls enjoy their Thanksgiving meal!

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