Thursday, November 17, 2011

2nd doll DIY!

                                                HOW TO TAKE YOUR DOLLS FISHING!

                    1.Trace a fish shape onto cute colored paper.
                    2. Cut double as many fish as you have fishing poles.
                    3. Get string and cut about 5 in. off.  
                    4. Attach each of the fish on either side of your string.     
                    5. Attach the top off the string (the side without the fish) to a chopstick with a glue dot or tape.
                    6. Attach a mini thread spool to the very point of the chopstick were the string leaves off (attach the spool on the opposite side of the string).
                    7. Take all of your girls fishing and then go home and have a great fish dinner! (except for Chloe's doll Ali, She's a vegetarian)           

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