Thursday, November 24, 2011

Felicity here!

Well aparently Mom still wants another child. I  mean we just got our own rooms and now she's buying bunk beds so that we can share again! Really mom! Aren't we enough! Even worse I may have to sare with Lanie and she has soccer games every weekend at 6:00. UGHHH! Anyway the house is a mess and we still don't have bean bags in the game room. The only good thing is I got a phone, an iphone 4s actually. That way Kanani, Andrea and I all have phones, she's working on getting the other two phones too. Ohh and another good thing, I got the lead in the school Christmas play AND I'm sitting in the front row at the Christmas concert (I play violin). Well I guess thats pretty much it, bye and Happy GOBBLE day


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