Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcome Nadia!

In the short time I was sick I discovered Lilian, the hearts 4 hearts doll from Belarus, Russia. I immediately fell in love with her and couldn't wait to get her, well I ended up ordering her from amazon along with her cute nightwear and she arrived just this Thursday. I have some pictures of her for you, and her cute little bedding I made today. So please enjoy. :)

  Heart 4 Hearts Lilian from Russia
this is the Lilian doll that I bought, but I changed her name to Nadia. (it sounds more Russian and I like the way it sounds)

these are Nadia's pj's the ones I ordered along with her. They also come with a fuzzy pink hair tie you can't really see.
this is Nadia's bed and bedding

her mattress and sheet

her fringe pillow

her yarn doll, and her throw pillow

her other little stuffed animals (the first one is a bear and the second are bendable flowers)

Nadia and her bed

Nadia in her bed

thank you guys so much, including my brand new follower, I promise the doll DIY is coming soon, bye.

AZ girl