Thursday, January 5, 2012

Amika's presents

For my birthday I got a lot of cool things! I got some slippers and a small matching blanket from Mia &Andrea, a mood necklace in the shape of a butterfly from Lanie, a Claire's gift card and a Justin Bieber dog tag from Felicity, I got a cute piggy bank from Kanani, a Rubik's cube and a letter from my best friend from my old orphanage,and  a notebook with pictures of my 3 little cousins and a letter from my aunt. The last present was from my mom, I reached inside and pulled out........... a very cute purple scrapbook that I will fill with pictures and notes of my sisters. I then pulled out........... a very cute poster of a horse, then............. I reached back into the bag a.......n........d............. IT WAS A NINTENDO 3DS! I thought that was all, but my mom told me there was one more present inside I reached inside and I felt something small and paper SWIFT CONCERT TICKETS! Only 3 though, that means I have to chose one sister to go with my mom and I'm thinking of taking one of my friends instead of one of my sisters so I won't hurt any of their feelings. Wow this has been a long post just for presents, as you may have noticed my mom still hasn't changed the name of her blog because no one is commenting and saying that they know the blog name is going to change, so I won't post anymore until everyone comments so that there is no confusion.


  1. So cool! I love Taylor Swift!


  2. Yeah,I'm glad she likes them. I know she'd rather have Justin Bieber ones, but I had to go too so I chose Taylor Swift instead. I want to do a givaway contest, but I can't until everyone knows I'm changing the name.