Thursday, January 19, 2012

hey yall!

Hiya Lanie here! I will have to get an american girl doll myself! I love mia's and I wish i'd gotten her before mia cause now i have no idea which doll i should get!!! Any suggestions??? I want one with straight hair but whose really cute.... uhhhhhhh I wish i had julie. :-( anyway, mama saids she'd do the givaway post soon, but she's taking a cool robotics and calculus class this weekend and then she's spending some time with her friend she hasn't seen in 5 months!  I wish I could see my BFF Abby! I havnt seen her since November! Thats basically it for now.


                                            p.s. I'm watching american idol right now and I LOVE Eben! comment if you know who I'm talking about!

                                                                     Lanie Holland


  1. I have the Julie doll and i LOVE her!!

    (Emma's Doll)

  2. You should get Josefina or Marie-Grace!

  3. kk, thnx for the advice I think I will try to get Mia to give me Julie cause she's kinda getting frusterated with how long her hair is lately and she says she wants kit really bad :-)