Sunday, January 15, 2012

time for a post

Mia, and Julie still in her box

Peering inside

opening the box

WOW! She's so cute!

beautiful Julie

Julie fresh out of her box

What she came with

Julie and her book

Mia and her new doll sharing brunch

Julie with a cup of lemonade

Away with Julie she goes!

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, I've been pretty busy. Anyway, I got something very exciting yesterday............................................... MY FIRST MINI DOLL!  Mia saved up a bunch of money and bought her very own Julie doll! I LOVE her and I would recommend her to anybody that is going to buy a mini doll. The only thing i didn't like about her, was her shoes. Her shoes look cheaply made and look somewhat like they're made of cardboard (I made shoes for her last night with foam and ribbon, so not such a big deal). Moving on,  has anyone else noticed that AG raised the price on some of their things and that they're putting ridiculous prices on some of the new things? For example, bitty babies are now $50 instead of $48, Bitty twins are now $105 instead of $100, and they are charging $34 for "McKenna's rain gear". McKenna's rain gear is an umbrella and a pair of rain boots!!! That is sad :-( . Anyway, sorry that was of topic, the pictures  Mia and her new Julie doll are above, sorry I can't get them to go down.


  1. Cute! We got Mini Special Edition Rebecca for Christmas, shes ADORABLE!!!

    Gracie and the dollies!

  2. cool! I am thinking of getting mini kit too!