Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Amika's b-day post

Okay, so yesterday was my REAL birthday but I was so busy with everyone I basically forgot to post. So here, I can not WAIT for my party tonight, all of my friends are going to be there! My first b-day in my new home and everyone is coming! YAY! I just also wanted you guys to know that for part of my birthday present mama got our whole kitchen redone! We now have......... A new fridge, an awesome dishwasher, a cool stove and ............. A MICROWAVE! We didn't even have a microwave before! Also mama made the decision to get McKenna! She said that American Girl usually does free shipping around her B-day so she will get her and her starter set then! YAY! I won't be the last sister anymore! I better get off now, Mia is waiting over my shoulder, pics to come of our kitchen, by!



  1. That is so cool Amika! Please post pics of McKenna because I would love to see her!


  2. thanks!! McKenna will probably get here sometime in March or April!

  3. Happy birthday, sorry I'm late, just found out about this blog and I'm catching up on all the posts. Lol, Bye! ;)